Through education, training, resources, and programmatic change, we are constantly working so that everyone in our community feels welcome in fitness spaces.


Walking into a fitness environment is already intimidating, especially for people who have never gone before. For members of the LGBTQ+ community, it is even more intimidating.

Over 45% of community members have felt intimidated in fitness spaces based on feedback we have received through our scholarship program and results from a targeted 2019 survey we sent out. For transgender/nonbinary individuals, that number goes up, 79% – 28% stopped attending a gym because they felt uncomfortable or unwelcome because of their identity. 51% have been harassed directly or indirectly at a gym because of their identity.

The LGBTQ+ community members deserve a space to feel like themselves and be worry free about whether they can bring a significant other,  use the restroom they want, wear rainbow attire, or more. 



EDIT Is An Effort To Help Coaches, Trainers, And Other Leaders In Fitness Spaces To Work Towards The OUT Foundation’s Mission.



The Fitness Action Inclusion Committee (FIAC) Connects LGBTQ+ Community Members To Discuss Topics Of Fitness and Inclusion.
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Corporate DEIJ Panels

For More Information On Having The OUT Foundation Host A DEIJ Panel, Email:

Inclusive Fitness FInder

We encourage inclusive and welcoming yoga studios, kickboxing facilities, CrossFit affiliates and other fitness spaces to apply!
Your participation in the map is used to maintain the database as well as help to fund amazing programs like OUTAthlete, OUTHealth, local chapters and more.
Email with questions or for details about joining the map.