OUTHealth focuses on physical and mental health for all members of The LGBTQ+ community.


The OUTHealth program supports our mission by removing the barriers that block the LGBTQ+ community members from living as their true, authentic selves. We provide health services through various initiatives. OUTHealth is designed for all members of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Health, Equity, advocacy & leadership committee (heal)

HEAL is a committee made up of professionals in the medical, mental health, and wellness fields. These partners help guide The OUT Foundation's leadership in decisions related to programming and educational tools we provide to our community.

Each participant brings their own unique experiences that are instrumental to the future of our success as an organization.

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ChillOUT is an initiative of OUTHealth program. An Instagram live series that creates an intentional space for connection and interaction to help us meet our mission to remove the barriers to accessing fitness, health, and wellness for members of the LGBTQ+ community. By hosting guests to talk about, demonstrate, and share their wellness practices, we hope to teach wellness skills that viewers can implement and practice on their own.

ChillOUT is live on Instagram every Tuesday at 5PM ET

Quarterly Surgery Education

This quarterly class is offered to vaginoplasty patients and their caregivers at NYU Langone Health who get to learn about the procedure itself and what to expect pre and post-surgery.

The class has been sponsored by the OUT Foundation since its inception in 2018. The class is broken into different topics from mental health to surgical summaries presented by the medical team. We do our part on stage as well, demonstrating exercises on building strength pre-surgery and natural habits to expedite the healing process.


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