OUTHealth programs from The OUT Foundation support our mission by removing the barriers that block the LGBTQ+ community from living their true, authentic selves.

We provide health services to the LGBTQ+ community by partnering with NYU’s Comprehensive Team of Health Professionals.   

We fund gender affirming surgeries and maintain a dedicated fund for ancillary services for transgender patients.

In addition to funding surgeries, we work with underprivileged patients to navigate New York State Medicaid requirements and develop post-op care including complimentary dedicated fitness classes for newly transitioned patients, support groups, make-up tutorials, career workshops, and more.

We want to provide the ability for our trans siblings to be comfortable in their bodies, experience movement in their bodies and ultimately celebrate their bodies.



Gender Affirming Care

Medical Services for Transgender Community

  • Gender Affirming Surgery
  • Ancillary Care
  • Educational Nights
  • Workshops
  • Annual Patient Panel

Dental Health

Dental Services for LGBTQ+ Community

  • Patient education and health screenings held four times a year
  • Vouchers for Dental Services at NYU School of Dentistry
  • Annual Patient Panel


Applications for gender affirming care have closed. Applications will reopen December 1, 2019 for 2020 Sponsorships.