Will Supports Ralph Lauren Pink Pony Campaign

Four years ago I heard my doctor say something that no human wants to hear, let alone a 28-year old, seemingly healthy, no-family history of disease…”You have cancer.”

After a very blank stare and what seemed like an eternity of silence – my doctor followed up with “…so now we fix it.”

Sparing you the ups and downs of surgeries and treatments, the depression and anxiety that comes with it all – I’ll wrap up the entire experience with one, rather long, hyphenated word…life-changing.

Earlier this year, I was asked by the Polo Ralph Lauren Pink Pony Foundation to tell my story.

Launched in 2000, the Pink Pony Campaign is Ralph Lauren Corporation’s global initiative in the fight against cancer. Originally focused on breast cancer, the Pink Pony Campaign designated a pink version of the iconic Ralph Lauren Polo Pony as its symbol. Over time, the campaign has expanded its mission to reduce disparities in care across a wide range of cancers.

The reason I signed on to work with this incredible campaign – and the reason I fight for what I do at The OUT Foundation every single day – is to remind people “YOU are NOT alone!” Whoever you are and wherever you are – there are others just like you, who share your story, your angst, and your woes – we have lived your pain…and just like you, we have made it through.

Reach out. People are innately good. People want to help. To listen. To heal.

If you want to read more of the story, I chronicled it all on a blog in 2014.

This post was shared by Will Lanier, Executive Director of The OUT Foundation and cancer survivor. Follow Will @truebluewill on Instagram.

For the Fall 2018 Pink Pony Campaign, Polo asked a group of individuals who have all been touched by cancer to share their stories. Will Lanier, Executive Director of The OUT Foundation, was honored to participate.