We’re excited to announce our partnership with Loud and Live Sports to offer up an exciting new opportunity for LGBTQ+ athletes and allies to compete at the West Coast Classic this March!

The 2020 CrossFit Games Open is upon us, and OUTWOD is encouraging athletes to be OUT in the OPEN for a chance to compete and represent the LGBTQ+ community at the West Coast CrossFit Classic, a new event by the Loud and Live Sports team that produces the Wodapalooza Miami CrossFit Festival.

The OUT in the OPEN LGBTQ+ Leaderboard will aggregate scores from the CrossFit Games Open and provide an avenue for LGBTQ+ athletes to directly compete. For the first time ever, the Top 7 RX Men and Top 7 RX Women finishers from OUT in the OPEN will earn a chance to compete in The OUTWOD Championship at the West Coast CrossFit Classic in Del Mar, California in March 2020.


OUT in the OPEN promotes friendly competition between LGBTQ+ athletes and allies, allows all gender identities to participate in a sport they love, and raises funds for programs supporting the community. All CrossFit athletes are encouraged to register to be OUT in the OPEN, regardless of sexual identity.

“This year, we’re asking athletes to be OUT in the OPEN for greater visibility of the LGBTQ+ community in CrossFit,” said Will Lanier, OUTWOD Founder and Executive Director of The OUT Foundation. “Regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, athletes will be able to compete and register as they are for a chance to represent the LGBTQ+ community on the world stage at the West Coast CrossFit Classic.”

In 2018, OUTWOD launched the first iteration of our leaderboard, OPEN+LGBTQ, as the first and only all-inclusive CrossFit Games leaderboard for the LGBTQ+ community. Through our work with CrossFit, Inc., we’re now teaming up to celebrate those who are OUT in the OPEN for the 2020 CrossFit Games Open.

OUT in the OPEN is all for charity, benefiting The OUT Foundation’s programs that continue to advocate for inclusion in fitness, access to health and wellness for the LGBTQ+ community, and more.

Athletes should visit iamout.org/open to learn more, register today, and start fundraising.