The OUT Foundation is expanding its reach with new local chapters launching in the Bay Area, California and Chicago, Illinois to further its mission to remove the barriers that block LGBTQ+ individuals’ access and participation in fitness, health, and wellness.

Given how the pandemic has seriously trammeled quality access to health and wellness opportunities, I’m excited to help lead The OUT Foundation’s effort to strengthen its connections to the Bay Area and to start directly impacting young LGBTQ+ people in our community who want to reinvest in their health,” said Terence Looi, Bay Area Local Chapter President.

Since 2017, The OUT Foundation has worked nationally and internationally to support the LGBTQ+ by facilitating gym memberships through its OUTAthlete program, supporting individuals through OUTHealth, and connecting with thousands of LGBTQ+ athletes and allies at OUTAthletics events (formerly OUTWOD).

I’m so excited to be a part of The OUT Foundation’s chapter initiative and help put down roots in Chicago! From personal experience, I know how daunting stepping into the world of fitness and exercise can be,” said Evan Strauss, Chicago Local Chapter President. “The OUT Foundation truly pushes boundaries and carves out new spaces in the industry to make everyone feel welcomed, able, and confident no matter where they may be on their health/wellness journey.  I’m most looking forward to growing Chicago’s map of diverse and inclusive fitness locations so that local residents will have a unique array of choices to get plugged into our amazing community.

Local chapters allow The OUT Foundation to make a lasting impact on the local level in many cities across the United States. Each local chapter is a volunteer-led community group that aligns with the national organization’s strategic plan in implementing support and access on the ground in communities. The chapter’s main objective is to provide fitness, health, and wellness to their local LGBTQ+ community by sponsoring young adults through the OUTAthlete Program. Other initiatives include fitness events, community socials, and more!

The OUT Foundation’s goal is to continue to expand and launch more local chapters in 2021 and beyond.

“We’re excited to be bringing on more local chapters so quickly,” said Eddie Plata, Executive Director of The OUT Foundation. “The members of our inaugural local chapters in New Orleans, LA, Portland, ME, and South Florida have been such great partners, and the success they’ve seen has allowed us to learn, grow, and expand our reach to the Bay Area and Chicago.”

Those interested can learn more and apply to start a local chapter at