The OUT Foundation, a national LGBTQ+ nonprofit, is excited to announce its partnership with Garnier for 2021.

It can be hard for many LGBTQ+ people to access fitness, health, and wellness resources, and The OUT Foundation’s mission is to remove the barriers that block individuals’ access and participation in these areas to ensure their success.

“We are so grateful for Garnier’s partnership and support,” said Eddie Plata, Executive Director at The OUT Foundation. “As a growing nonprofit, 2020 was a challenging year, and we’re so thankful for partners like Garnier who are making it possible for us to continue to support the LGBTQ+ community through our work.”

As part of their commitment to diversity and inclusion, Garnier will be supporting The OUT Foundation on sponsoring events, volunteering, and collaborating through LGBTQ+ initiatives.

“Garnier USA is proud to partner with The OUT Foundation to join their mission of creating an inclusive environment in the health and wellness space for the LGBTQ+ community,” said Greg Hui, Senior Vice President of Garnier USA Marketing. “Through their programming, we will be supporting their fitness and wellness initiatives across the U.S., and are committing to help amplify these LGTBQ+ voices and stories.”

The OUT Foundation’s programs for the LGBTQ+ community include OUTAthletics, OUTAthlete, and OUTHealth. OUTAthletics is the world’s largest initiative for bringing together LGBTQ+ athletes and allies to sweat for a cause in a safe, inclusive fitness environment powered by pride, diversity and community . OUTAthlete facilitates year-long gym memberships for LGBTQ+ young adults, and OUTHealth provides health services to the LGBTQ+ community through various initiatives focused on removing the barriers that block the LGBTQ+ community from living as their true, authentic selves.

“We are excited for Garnier’s enthusiasm for supporting our community,” said Chloie Jönsson, Board President at The OUT Foundation. “As our organization continues to grow, we find it incredibly important to partner with brands who want to support our work of improving the lives of LGBTQ+ people.”