In its third year, OUTWOD’s inclusive LGBTQ+ leaderboard for the CrossFit Games Open included 400 athletes ages 13-66 from 20 countries, 47 US states, and 9 Canadian provinces.

These athletes competed alongside one another through all five CrossFit Open events plus a final fundraising challenge to determine the top finishers who qualified to compete in The OUTWOD Championships at The West Coast CrossFit Classic, a new event by the Loud and Live Sports team that produces the Wodapalooza Miami CrossFit Festival.

The Top 7 CrossFit RX Men’s Standards finishers are Alec Smith (7), Eric Evans (16), Andris Sturans (28), Tyler Wilcox (29), James Bevan-Lee (34), Derek Foltz (44), Derek Saffold (45).

“OUTWOD has been working for years to make CrossFit and fitness more inclusive for all,” said Games Athlete Alec Smith.

The Top 7 CrossFit RX Women’s Standards finishers are Meg Reardon (10), Alex Parker (20), Ehea Schuerch (29), Amy Fryt (36), Dorothy Morentin (40), Courtney Sims (42), Marie Hirsch (46).

“I’m so proud to be OUT in the OPEN for the 2020 CrossFit Season,” said Games Athlete Meg Reardon.

The Top 3 overall fundraisers (who were not in the Top 7 RX Standards Division finishers) that earned VIP packages to either Wodapalooza or The West Coast Classic are Samantha Auburn, Victor Cruz, and Jason Marchand.

“I can’t thank our participants, sponsors, and those who donated enough. These funds will help make a difference by funding programs that set LGBTQ+ young adults up for success in their health and fitness journey,” said Will Lanier, OUTWOD Founder and Executive Director of The OUT Foundation. “I’m so proud of everyone who joined our 2020 OUT in the OPEN LGBTQ+ Leaderboard – our biggest and most competitive yet!”

OUT in the OPEN is all for charity, benefiting The OUT Foundation’s programs that continue to advocate for inclusion in fitness, access to health and wellness for the LGBTQ+ community, and more.

OUT in the OPEN was sponsored by ZenPlanner, Rock Tape, Working Against Gravity,Zevia, Wodify, Drop Pins, NOOMA, MuscleUp, and Pride Socks.