Happy National Coming OUT Day! Today is a day to celebrate, but it’s also a day to be understanding.

Coming out – no matter who you are, where you live, what your sexual orientation or gender are – takes an indescribable amount of bravery.

And all of our journeys are different. Some of us may not be ready yet, and others might be ready but not in a situation where it’s safe to come out publicly as your true self.

And that’s okay. Today is not about forcing anyone to come out, it’s about supporting the LGBTQ+ community both publicly and privately in any way you can by letting them know that you’re an ally, a friend, a confidant, and you’re here for them.

So whether today makes you happy or nervous, whether you’re planning a public announcement or privately telling yourself it’s okay to be who you are, know that we see you, we love you, and we’re here for you – inside the gym and out.


Will Lanier & OUTWOD