It can be hard for many LGBTQ+ young adults to find a place where they feel comfortable participating in fitness, and The OUT Foundation is partnering with local gyms across the country to change that.
As part of the OUTAthlete Program, The OUT Foundation facilitates year-long gym memberships for LGBTQ+ young adults in the United States between the ages of 18-30. But it is so much more than just a membership!

Now supporting its fourth class of athletes, the OUTAthlete Program, Powered by PUMA & Garnier, has helped over 40 athletes in 32 cities. OUTAthletes receive a year-long membership to a local LGBTQ+ friendly gym, three months of online mental health counseling through BetterHelp, nutrition coaching by M2 Performance, FUSE training shoes and apparel from PUMA, a 12-month WHOOP membership, healthy meals, 30% off all OUTAthletics apparel, a networking group of current and former OUTAthletes, gifts from our sponsors, monthly educational sessions, and more.

The OUTAthlete Program is funded by our partners and, in part, by OUTAthletics workouts hosted by fitness facilities worldwide to create a more inclusive environment and show support for the LGBTQ+ community. Our partner, Garnier has enabled us to expand our program to accept more OUTAthletes for the Class of 2022.

The applications are open until March 23rd, recipients are chosen and notified on April 11th, and The OUT Foundation works with them to find a local, inclusive facility where they can begin their fitness journey in May.

If you are interested in partnering with us and hosting one of our OUTAthletes, please email us here.



Applications will be closed on March 23rd.
Preference will be given to applicants who live in the greater, Louisiana, South Florida, Chicago, and San Francisco Bay areas.




Did you know it costs $4,665 to support one OUTAthlete for a year? Donate now to help us reach set more LGBTQ+ folks up for success on their health, wellness, and fitness journey.



Steph Salazar

"It's been an honor to be a part of the CrossFit Twenty Pound Hammer community. It's a space that challenges me and celebrates my successes. Being an OUTAthlete has been a great opportunity to witness my own relationship with fitness & CrossFit, but to also understand my place in the goal of giving all LGBTQ+ people access to health & wellness, whatever that looks like for them."

Aiden Consalvo

“Joining CrossFit Mad Hatter in October of 2018 has been nothing short of life changing... CrossFit Mad Hatter was recommended to me in early 2018 by a local psychologist who I was working with for my gender transition…When I first met the owner, Josh Harding, I immediately felt safe... The OUT Foundation has done more for me and my community than I thought was originally possible…I am very thankful that I have been a part of the OUTAthlete program this year and for the relationships that I have developed because of it.”

Lauren Ilano

“I've always wanted to get into better shape but I struggled to find a friendly gym with consistent training and support...I heard about the OUTAthlete scholarship and thought it would be awesome to get the chance to try CrossFit with a cohort of other LGBT folks from across the country. Being an OUTAthlete has helped me get on track with my health and fitness goals and completely changed how I view CrossFit. The coaches and staff at CrossFit Encino are tough, but it's a friendly and fun environment that I didn't expect."

Taylor Attebery

“Being a part of the OUTAthlete Program has been nothing but a positive experience. The community of people helps to keep me motivated and focused on my fitness goals. Having a support system like this is so important and I could not be more proud to be an OUTAthlete.”

Monica Olsson

CrossFit Twenty Pound Hammer
"It has been great interacting with the OUTAthlete program, and our OUTAthlete, Steph! I really appreciate how hands-on the program is with their athletes, and that they give so much support and guidance around lifestyle issues such as nutrition and recovery. Steph is a great addition to our gym -- we are fortunate to have her, and her enthusiasm for learning CrossFit inspires many of our other members!"

Josh Harding

CrossFit Mad Hatter
"Working with Aiden has been an amazing experience that can not be matched! He brings enthusiasm like no other day in and day out constantly striving to become a better person for his community in CF Mad Hatter as well as locally. The blessing of the OUTAthlete Program to Aiden lit a spark that has not stopped glowing since his sponsorship."

Eric Amzaag

CrossFit Encino
“The OUT Foundations has a remarkable program that provides tremendous support and structure to people who want a real life transformation. Lauren has been a pleasure to have in our gym - she came in with a great growth mindset, a commitment to the process - and has been a great cultural fit for our community. It has been an enjoyable experience for both our OUTAthlete Lauren and our gym as a whole.”

Cassidy Lance

CrossFit WaterSide
"It has been a great privilege to host an OUTAthlete at CrossFit WaterSide. We hope we can have many more as we welcome all individuals and hope our gym can be a welcoming new home for all LGBTQ+ athletes.”


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