We are proud of the diversity of backgrounds our oUTAthletes come with, and we work diligently to provide them with the resources they need to succeed in fitness, health, and wellness.

get to know their stories here.


My name is Logan and I am a transgender athlete. Since joining the OUTAthlete program, it has helped me in my fitness journey and career immensely. I gratefully attribute my success in the Crossfit community in the last 3 and a half years to The OUT Foundation. 


During my first year as an OUTAthlete, I was able to get my L1 (CrossFit certificate) sponsored with the help of The OUT Foundation and CrossFit HQ. Thanks to that partnership, I was able to start my career as a CrossFit Coach; Something that was previously unachievable for me due to financial hardships. Since completing that certification, I have found pride and purpose in motivating other athletes to become better versions of themselves, especially other LGBTQIA+ athletes.  This year, as a Mentor in the OUTAthlete program, I have had continued success in connecting with other LGBTQIA+ athletes around the country who also love CrossFit and functional fitness. Seeing other’s experiences and wins has always been so inspiring to my own fitness journey! The OUT Foundation has been extremely supportive of me as an athlete and as a coach. I’m glad to say that with their help, I was able to find my path in creating and fostering safe spaces for queer athletes in my community.”

“Prior to applying to be an OUTAthlete, I was on a mission to start taking better care of myself—managing my stress, learning to cook healthier meals, and exercising regularly. While I was able to find an excellent support system to assist my stress management and cooking endeavors, I struggled with where to start on my fitness journey. I knew I wanted to improve my strength and endurance, but when I tried researching what kinds of exercise were best, I was overwhelmed and confused. Being a part of OUTAthlete helped me to narrow my goals and figure out what I was looking for in my fitness journey.

I started this program as someone who could barely do five pushups and lift 25 lbs over my head. Now, I can do fifteen pushups at a time, lift over fifty pounds, and even run a steady 800 meters. My current goals include being able to do a strict pull-up, run a mile in less than 10 minutes, and strengthen my hip flexors. My mentality about my physical health used to be “I’m just not good at this.” However, now I look at my struggle to do an exercise or movement and think “everyone has weaknesses; this is just one I need to do more work on.


In the past, when I had difficulties, it was hard to reach out to others, but I don’t feel this way about OUTAthlete. I know I can reach out to this inclusive and amazing group of people to get their insight and experiences. With the support and knowledge of other OUTAthletes, I’ve learned to be patient with my progress and celebrate each milestone. I always feel welcomed, and now I have a stronger desire to be a more vocal part of our community.”


“Hi Queer Family, my name is Whitley, my pronouns are she/her/hers, and I identify as a Lesbian. I am a new OUTAthlete for 2023 and so far it has been an amazing experience. I appreciate the community, support from the staff and other OUTAthletes, the networking, partnerships with inclusive/ally fitness spaces, inclusive nutrition coaching, wellness, monthly presentations on various topics, and self-care advice. The program provides you with everything you need and are seeking in a fitness community. The monthly presentations are one of my favorite things to do in the OUTAthlete program. I learn something new from each different presenter and can connect with other athletes in the program. 

This foundation and program have a special place in my heart, and have made an impact on my life (as well as the other OUTAthletes). Before the program, I was struggling mentally and physically. I always wanted to find a queer community in the fitness space and wanted to get involved. Luckily, I found the OUTAthlete program and it has helped my fitness and life journey. I have made connections within the community across the States. I can connect with others like me and talk about challenges we may have in fitness spaces, life, or learn new things within the community. The genuine love and support from the other OUT Athletes has really given me the confidence to hit the gym more and celebrate myself. I’ve become a better person from this program and I can better serve my community to be the representation I never had. 

The OUT Foundation supports their athletes and will make you feel proud, safe, and comfortable in your own skin. They will also help you set and reach goals that you may have set for yourself within your personal life or in the fitness space. The OUT Foundation provides opportunities not only for you to receive support, but for you to give back and share your story. Thank you, The OUT Foundation, for everything that you do for the LGBTQ+ community.”



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