The OUT Foundation is teaming up with lacrosse player Kyra Pelton, Athletes Unlimited, and Give Lively as a nonprofit beneficiary partner of Athlete Causes for the second year in a row.

Athletes Unlimited has created a new model of professional sports where Athletes are the owners, individual players are the champions of team sports and fans are engaged like never before. As part of its mission to develop athletes as civic leaders and elevate them as role models for the next generation of athletes and fans, Athletes Unlimited has launched Athlete Causes in partnership with Give Lively and the Give Lively Foundation.

“I think today, especially coming from California, there is a common sentiment that the LGBTQ+ community is accepted. However, I feel as though, right now, it is still more of a sense of tolerance than acceptance – and parts of the world and the US are still struggling to even gain tolerance. Even in California, I have experienced more micro-aggressions than I can count on two hands,” said Kyra Pelton.

This initiative allows athletes to play their season in part for the benefit of the nonprofit organization of their choice. Kyra selected to play for The OUT Foundation. At the end of the season, the Give Lively Foundation will make a grant equal to 50% of the athlete’s end-of-season bonus to The OUT Foundation.

“For me, it is especially important that athletes use their platforms for social justice because of the privilege being a high-level athlete provides. Having the ability to leverage that privilege to make a real difference in the world is an incredibly powerful thing,” Pelton said.

In addition to the end-of-season grant Kyra will be earning for The OUT Foundation from her play on the field, fans can also get involved by:

  1. Texting ‘OUT’ to 44321 to support Kyra’s fundraising efforts.
  2. Create a personal fundraiser to fundraise alongside Kyra rally donations from the community.
  3. Donate to her fundraising page.

“I am excited about the work The OUT Foundation is doing to give more people in the LGBTQ+ community this sense of place and belonging,” said Pelton. “By bringing awareness to this organization, I hope to continue to fight for social justice for the queer community.”

Cheer on Kyra as she plays for The OUT Foundation! Find out where to watch games via Athletes Unlimited’s national broadcast schedule here, and follow Kyra on Instagram @kyrapelton.

“We’re proud to be able to partner again this season with Athletes Unlimited,” said Eddie Plata, Executive Director of The OUT Foundation. “Fitness, health, and wellness is so important, and representation matters – that’s why we’re so thankful to Kyra for selecting and supporting us.”

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