Every year since 2018, we’ve brought athletes across the globe together to participate in #InfiltrateWithLove, a workout celebrating inclusivity and support of the LGBTQ+ community on the final Sunday of Pride Month.

But this year is different – we must expand our fight – and that’s why a portion of funds raised through this campaign will be donated to the National Black Justice Coalition.

One of our tenets is that “we are nothing without our community.” And that means more now than it ever has. The black community has been impacted by the endless slaying of innocent lives by the hands of those in power and we stand with them.

We call on CrossFit HQ to take a stand with us in support of the black community just as it publicly stood with the LGBTQ+ community in 2018.

Racism must end. Discrimination must be addressed.

We want as many people as possible to throw an #InfiltratewithLove WOD on June 28th to sweat with their community for a larger cause:

  1. Gather your fitness friends and get your gym on board!
  2. Sign up!
  3. Donate so we can continue to fight for inclusion in fitness and help in the fight for social justice.
  4. Share your fundraising page with your Facebook, Twitter, and Insta-friends!
  5. #Sweatforacause with OUTWOD’s “Stonewall” Workout on June 28th.

We hope you’ll join us. Learn more at register now at www.iamout.org/infiltrate