We’re proud to offer an exciting new opportunity for LGBTQ+ athletes and allies with our new and improved OUT in the OPEN LGBTQ+ Leaderboard serving as an opportunity to compete at the West Coast CrossFit Classic, a new event by the Loud and Live Sports team that produces the Wodapalooza Miami CrossFit Festival.

The OUT in the OPEN LGBTQ+ Leaderboard will aggregate scores from the CrossFit Games Open and provide an avenue for LGBTQ+ athletes to directly compete. For the first time ever, the Top 7 RX Men and Top 7 RX Women finishers from OUT in the OPEN will earn a chance to compete in The OUTWOD Championship at the West Coast CrossFit Classic in Del Mar, California in March 2020.

We’ve heard feedback that this isn’t fully inclusive, and we hear those concerns.

As part of our dedication to create the most inclusive leaderboard experience, you will notice that for our weekly winners, we use the “ALL RX” and “ALL Scaled” leaderboards because we want this to be a fun competition for all.

And while we know the CrossFit Games system forces you to choose a gender when registering for the CrossFit Games Open (something we are working diligently to address with CrossFit HQ) – you will notice that our verbiage uses “CrossFit Men’s Standards” and “CrossFit Women’s Standards.” We’ve done this so that you may choose the movement standards you wish to compete under, even if you do not identify on the binary.

While we know this isn’t the perfect solution, it is one step in the journey on our path to full inclusion in fitness.