I’m Thankful for The OUT Foundation
Devin Mott, Ithaca College ’19

“Finding community is often taken for granted.  Many are fortunate to stay in the same communities that they had growing up, but for many LGBTQ+ individuals, that community is not one that is supportive of them.

Like so many others in our vibrant community, the home I knew growing up – one of faith and small town hyper-masculinity – wasn’t one that was accepting of me, which is why I had to find my own family and community.

This holiday season, I’m thankful for my chosen family – the extended family of athletics and fitness. What I love the most about fitness, whether it be CrossFit, yoga, or rowing, is that everyone is focused on bettering themselves. I made the decision this year to focus on my academic pursuits, rather than athletic ones. I gave up rowing, something I had done for eight years, and this was a major loss of community for me.

I had sporadically attended CrossFit in the past, and completed my L1 Certification, but in losing my rowing family, my CrossFit family stepped in and filled that void for me.

Being a college student, money is tight, and a membership to a box is expensive. Recognizing that my CrossFit community is beyond important for my mental health, I applied for a scholarship through The OUT Foundation to help cover the costs of this vital support system for me.  Because of the generosity of The OUT Foundation and the OUTAthlete Scholarship they awarded me, I’m able to remain part of my CrossFit community and continue bettering myself both mentally and physically while being accepted for who I am.

I’m so thankful for the support my fitness community provides, and am humbled to be a part of such a loving, giving, and caring LGBTQ+ community.”

The OUTAthlete Scholarship Program is an initiative of The OUT Foundation offering health, wellness and fitness to young adults who identify as LGBTQ+. OUTAthletes receive a one-year gym membership, nutritional counseling, gym apparel, and three months of lunches granted by Kettlebell Kitchen.

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We depend on your support. Your donations go directly to work helping people like Devin, and countless LGBTQ+ individuals we serve by ensuring access to health and wellness through fitness.