Author: Kate Dunn, OUTAthlete Class of 2022


You wouldn’t know it in the Bay Area based on the 100+ degree weather here…but summer is winding down, and fall is beginning. Personally what this means for me is transition. In October, I will graduate with a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. I’ll then be looking for jobs, and I am looking for jobs all over the country. It is quite an accomplishment and also an uprooting feeling to be finishing school.


As I continue to get stronger with CrossFit and fall into a beloved routine of using my body for strength, I am grateful for the consistency of these workouts. I have always cherished the ability to use my body, for my body to grow and strengthen and change. My body is a teacher of change–how to grow, strengthen, stretch, shrink, expand, etc. As I face this next moment of transition, I want to live more in my body and less in my mind. I want to bend with the ebbs and flows of life and stay strong in the transition.


While I don’t know what job I will have in the coming months or where I will live, I do know I will be showing up to CrossFit classes 3x a week and offering my body moments of hard work, joy and strength. Knowing there’s that structure, makes me feel okay about this moment of flux.