Today we’re swiping right on our amazing guest, Maya Reddy! When this queer pro golfer isn’t kicking ass on the green, or busting down barriers for Asian and LGBTQ athletes, she’s looking for love in all the right places: literally every dating app that exists. Almost everyone today has had some experience with the likes of Tinder, Grindr, or Hinge, but have you heard of Chappy? Scruff? Hear our horror stories, sob stories, and love stories when it comes to the modern dating world; our number one red flag, and our number one green flag in a partner. We also talked with Maya about golfing, obviously. She shares what it’s like being a queer woman of color in a notoriously pale sport, how she copes with experiencing racism and homophobia on the green, and how she keeps that hole in one mindset. Also, we hope you like the game we created to play with her, Fore Real or Bogey. It’s Tee Time bitches!

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