You can bet your BOTTOM dollar that this episode is juicy. Today we’re talking about all things ~peach emoji~. After our super successful Sex Episode, we thought it was important to talk openly about our sex lives and sexual health. Brooks and Will answer Alex’s burning questions about bottoming (the only time “burning” and “bottom” should be in a sentence together), including topics like douching, whether it’s a deal breaker if both people are bottoms, and a “hole” lot more. Brooks gets candid about a recent and positive sexual health experience he had and shares what he learned. For this week’s OBSESSED, Brooks dug to the BOTTOM of his most watched YouTube videos – it involves a fabulous beltress of Broadway, Cinderella, and a Disney showdown you have to see to believe.

OBSESSED: Bonnie Milligan & Laura Osnes – “Disney Princess Medley” –

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