Yay! You found us! This is our very first episode, so to kick things at OUTCast Podcast off, we wanted to talk about the first time that each of us felt “other.”

For Brooks, our own American Idol, it was as a teenager on stage at a VFW during a singing competition, belting out “Son of a Preacher Man.” For Alex, it was something that happened in the tragic last 5 minutes of her 9th grade art class. For Will, it was as a first grade cheerleader in rural Texas.

We also get into which emoji we want to represent 2019, and the queer movies that helped shape us. Kim Cattrall even makes a cameo…kind of.

OBSESSED: Kim Cattrall scats – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1S37dLbR9WA

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