EDIT is an effort to help coaches, trainers, and other leaders in fitness spaces to work towards The OUT Foundation’s mission of removing barriers that block LGBTQ+ individuals' access and participation in fitness, health, and wellness.


The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Training - EDIT program is designed for anyone that seeks to create a welcoming and nurturing fitness environment for the LGBTQ+ community. EDIT 'trains the trainer' to incorporate inclusive coaching skills to uplift, embolden, and affirm their LGBTQ+ clients' and members' physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.

During this 2-hour session participants will learn about unique challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals as they navigate fitness and wellness spaces. We also discuss key concepts on language and identity as they relate to engaging with members/clients.

After completing this training participants will learn inclusive coaching skills to create safer fitness spaces for the LGBTQ+ community through engaging in difficult conversations and using real-world examples to hone those skills.


Each EDIT training seminar is two hours long and covers a range of topics along with best practices for reaching LGBTQ+ clients and community members. 

Each seminar covers:

  • The LGBTQ+ Umbrella
  • Inclusive Language
  • Coming Out at the Gym
  • Trans Allyship in Fitness
  • Best Practices and More.

Along with an interactive activity, trainees will have the opportunity to ask questions and offer feedback. 

Participants receive:

  • A certificate for completing the EDIT Seminar
  • An exclusive code to an EDIT T-shirt from The OUT Foundation shop
  • An EDIT sticker from The OUT Foundation shop

Pricing is determined by individual and group basis.

  • Individuals: $300
  • Groups
    • 3-5 participants: $150 per person
    • 5+ participants: $75 per person

Over 45% of community members have felt intimidated in fitness spaces based on feedback we received through our scholarship program and results from a targeted 2019 survey we sent out.

For transgender/nonbinary individuals, that number goes up, 79% – 28% stopped attending a gym because they felt uncomfortable or unwelcome because of their identity. 51% have been harassed directly or indirectly at a gym because of their identity.

Through becoming an EDIT trained coach, you can help create a space where LGBTQ+ people can feel safe be themselves, to be free of worry about their identity or expression, and exist as they are.