The Local Chapters allow The OUT Foundation to make a lasting impact on the local level in many cities across the United States.

A Local Chapter is a volunteer-led local community group that aligns with the national organization's strategic plan in implementing support and access to local communities. The chapter's main objective is to provide fitness, health, and wellness to their local LGBTQ+ community by sponsoring local young adults through the OUTAthlete Program. Other initiatives include fitness events, community socials, and more!





Find an existing local chapter (above). If one exists within a 1 hour drive, connect with the chapter board president and to the chapter social media. We encourage you to get involved as a member or ask them about joining their leadership team! If no chapter exists, please read the steps below to learn what’s involved in forming a new chapter.

  1. Fill out an application and wait to be contacted by the national organization.
  2. Once your application is approved, a call to discuss chapter roles and responsibility will be scheduled.
  3. Recruit and solidify a chapter board, consisting of a minimum of 4 members: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.